Software Solution for physicians or groups of physicians of any specialty who want to automate their external consultation processes. 


MEDISIIS is an application that works in the SaaS-Software As A Service mode, which is the way in which the software is used worldwide nowadays.


MEDISIIS takes control of the information of its patients in a unified file, through electronic medical histories designed for each specialty. Easily manage your treatment, diagnosis, evolution, exams and vaccines. Adds Images and documents, in addition to sharing the information of Clinical Histories with other specialists at the same time, even if they are not in the same site and integrates with the administrative processes.

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Create your customized agenda, you can select the days you want to schedule, the length of appointments, Add and edit patients in seconds, and manage appointments with reminders. Our agenda has the ability to control your different health centers with a single application and allows scheduling by specialty, Professional, type of service, First Hour Available, among others

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Reduce your costs by having accurate control over medicines and supplies. MEDISIIS controls the one who requests the inputs, to whom or for which they are supplied, the quantity required, among other records.

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Compliance with Law 1438 of 2011. All IPS's in Colombia must have an Electronic Clinical Record no later than December 31, 2013.

No initial investment, technical knowledge or advisers, or physical space for storage of clinical Histories

System very easy to handle, with immediate availability in any place.

Ease of care for private patients, agreements, EPS or prepaid medicine.

Tested since 2006 in Clinics and large hospitals, now offered in "light" version for clinics and dental clinics

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